Jasper Repeaters

147.060- pl 123.0 – KK4ONF

Be aware that the repeater has a very ‘tight’ front end, so that if you speak too loudly or have your audio input too high (and thus over deviate) the repeater will clip your signal and your listeners will be treated to your signal coming in and out; if it happens, just back of the mike and you’ll do fine. Note also that the repeater does not have a courtesy tone with an inactive few seconds at the end of a transmission. Since the repeater is designed primarily for emergency support, that ‘off’ period and tone are not indicated. There is a timeout timer, so extra long one-sided QSOs will be cut off.

Based on a high tower in Switzerland, the repeater has excellent coverage of the county and also covers much of Beaufort county as well. Think about joining ARES and joining the JARC to help support the repeater. For information send an email to the club – Jasperarc@embarqmail.com