Exam Info for Amateur Radio Licensing

The Sun City Hilton Head Amateur Radio Club uses the ExamTools environment to administer VE exams. Exams are conducted in-person, on devices supplied by the applicant. Devices used must be internet capable over the supplied Wi-Fi connection. Most web browsers are supported (the Kindle Paperwhite is the only device known to be. Instruction will be provided on connecting to the supplied Wi-Fi network. While the exam may be taken on a phone sized device, most people find tablet sized or larger screens are more comfortable.

Applicants must register for the exam prior to arriving at the exam session. A prerequisite of the registration is a Federal Registration Number, FRN. Applicants upgrading their licenses will have an FRN. Applicants applying for a new license may need to get one issued. FRNs may be acquired on-line as a part of the ExamTools registration, but the response time to receive the FRN can be as long as 4 hours.

To register for an exam session, visit HamStudy.org and click on ‘Find a Session’ at the top right. On the next page use the filter ‘Located’ to search 29909, and the SCHHARC session(s) will be shown. Click the open button in the green time bubble in the desired listing. A description of the session will be given. Click on the orange register button at the bottom of the page to begin registration. Complete the forms that are presented. NOTE: The question regarding felony convictions must be answered. You will be given the opportunity to request an FRN during the registration process. If necessary follow the link to the CORES system to acquire your FRN. Complete your registration, you will receive an email confirming your registration and giving you your PIN for that exam session. The PIN will be required at the exam session.

On exam day arrive at the exam site with your web capable device, photo identification, $15 cash or check and if you desire pencil and paper and calculator.

The team of Volunteer Examiners will provide instructions for the test itself, and will monitor the session. At the completion of your test, the ExamTools system will grade your test and instantly inform you of the result. If you have passed the Technician or General class exam, you will be offered the opportunity to take the next level exam. When you have completed your last test, you are given the opportunity to review you license application and CSCE as generated by the system. You may then exit the ExamTools session. Your CSCE will be emailed to you.

When all applicants have completed testing and have exited the session, the VE team will close the session, and the appropriate completed forms will be sent to the ARRL and FCC.