March 5, 2024 Weekly This & That Newsletter

Bob Kennedy, N0DQD, to Present at Thursday’s Membership Meeting

Please plan to join your fellow club members at our March Membership Meeting in the Bayside Room at the Lakehouse. The meeting will be held on Thursday evening beginning with a program at 7 PM.

This month’s program will be provided by ARC member Bob Kennedy, N0DQD. Bob’s presentation, which may include a demo or two, will focus on Digital Radio. Bob plans to discuss DMR, D-STAR, and Fusion. It looks to be a very interesting session.

The monthly membership meeting will follow Bob’s presentation. We will most likely discuss the spring’s hidden transmitter hunt, our new club banner, and this summer’s ousting to Hunting Island among other items.

New Badges Can Still Be Ordered!

If you want a new badge, there is still time to order one.

Chip Miller, KQ4JKI, will accept orders until March 16th. If this is the first badge that you have ordered, the club will contribute $5 to the $15 cost for your badge. If you are ordering your second badge, the cost is $15.

Contact Chip for further details ( or if you need him to send you another order form.

NOTE: Chip will accept orders for the new badge at Thursday’s Membership Meeting!

Contest Results from SCQP, NCQP, and ARRL DX SSB

Ken Finke, KN8F, operated on 40m LSB for 3.5 hours and tallied 105 contacts for a score of 16,584.

Ken had a good North Carolina QSO Party effort as well with contacts in over 40 counties up there.

Harve Hnatiuk, KB3FW, operated for an hour or so and had 22 CW contacts in NC during their QSO Party, all on 40m.

Sherwin Tames, W4QNW, operated on 10, 15, 20 and 40 meters during the ARRL DX SSB contest and notched 255 QSOs with a total of 145 countries. Sherwin’s scored 110,925 points. Well done!

Ed Stratton, W1ZZ, stayed on 10m SSB throughout the ARRL DX SSB contest. Ed finished with 363 QSOs in 93 countries for 101,277 points. Great job, Ed!

Send your contest scores/results or news about an interesting contact or ham radio experience to for inclusion in an upcoming This & That.

SCHH ARC Winter Field Day Coverage from The Bluffton Sun

Thanks to Joe Turino, a SCHH resident who strings for the The Bluffton Sun, for a nice write up and photo in the most recent Sun City pullout section! Joe did a great job. He spent a lot of time with us on January 27th and provided some excellent photos, including the one that accompanied his article.


QSL Card of the Week

Harve Hnatiuk, KB3FW, worked this station in the recent ARRL CW DX Contest. It was quite interesting in that the station was calling CQ TEST for a while using this callsign. For a while, Harve didn’t know that the station was in Australia as most of us are used to hearing VK#xx for an Aussie station. Many others must have missed that too. Harve looked VJ3A up on and came back to find the station still calling CQ with no takers! Perhaps the lesson learned is: “When in doubt, give a shout.”


For orchestra lovers….

Club Website

Click here to get to the Club’s website:

If you notice any errors or have site-related questions, please email the webmaster;  email:

Net Activity: Super Job!!!

Great to hear so many stations checking into our nets.

Thanks to all who participate.

These are our nets. Enjoy them. They are very special and give us the opportunity to connect with each other while testing our equipment’s connectivity capabilities.

Let’s keep our nets alive and well by checking in when we can.

Weekly Nets

Sunday NET (8 PM) operates on 147.550 MHz simplex and EchoLink node: KE4HAM – L

Wednesday Nets (8 PM) operates from KK4ONF/Jasper repeater, 147.060+ and EchoLink node: KE4HAM-R

Net Control Stations and EchoLink Coordinator

Thanks to our regular Net Controls: Bob Officer, WA6WAY; Russ Treadwell, N1ZK; and Harve Hnatiuk, KB3FW.

Thanks to Ron Frick, AI4HH, for keeping the nets on EchoLink.

Net Control Schedule:

— Wednesday, March 6 @ 8 PM ET: Russ Treadwell, N1ZK (substituting for Harve, KB3FW…thanks, Russ!)

— Sunday, February March 10 @ 8 PM ET: Bob Officer, WA6WAY.

If you are interested in being a Net Control, please let Ron or Harve know.

SCHH ARC Net Reports:

Thanks to ALL who checked in to our SCHH ARC nets last week.
If you have the time, please check into our club’s nets on a regular basis.

Last week’s check-ins and traffic:

— Wednesday, February 28 : KE4HAM/N1ZK, AI4HH, KJ4BSM, K2ITZ, AA4KK, N0DQD, K2OS, WB4KSG, KB3FW, KQ4JKI, WA6WAY, WB1DXN.. QNI=12, QTC=0.


Note – QNI = Number of Check-ins to the net, including Net Control; QTC = Traffic handled (Radiograms).

Other Operating:

Daily —  DX spotting and open chat 24/7 on 147.550 MHz simplex and the Jasper Repeater, 147.060+ (no Echolink).

KB3FW – SCHH ARC President