Scheduling a New Exam Session

Exam sessions may be scheduled by the KE4HAM Team Leader, currently Dennis, AC4DH, or by KE4HAM Co-owners, currently Ken, KN8F, Bob, KD8IH and Lon, WB4KSG.

  • Sign into at middle box ‘Assist with or Manage Exams.’
  • Go to Session List pane via the menu on left. Click on ’New Session’ at top of page.
  • Enter team KE4HAM. Page will offer complete name as it knows it in the drop down list, and will complete the VEC and Team Lead fields.
  • Enter a unique and descriptive event name—the session date is always good.
  • Click ‘in-person’ for session type. While KE4HAM is authorized to conduct both in-person and online/remote sessions, we currently offer only in-person exams. Online/remote sessions should not be scheduled until they have been rehearsed.
  • In the next pane, the use ExamTools defaults remain yes. Change walk-ins allowed to No if the session is to be held in Sun City so that applicants’ entry can be arranged. If outside of Sun City, walk-ins are at the discretion of the session organizer.
  • Under schedule add session date. Most date formats seem to work. Month day, year (May 3, 2023) is always good. Time must be in military time (24 hr.).
  • For location specify an address recognized by on-line mapping services. Thus the location of a session held in the Bayside Room is 1251 Sergeant William Jasper Boulevard. Add specifics of the location, for example The Bayside Room, The Lakehouse, and any other applicant information, for example how to call to arrange for entry to Sun City in the ‘Publicly Visible Notes’ pane
  • If you would like applicants to receive an email from ExamTools in addition to that received from HamStudy confirming registration add them to the ‘Notes for applicant (email)’ pane
  • Click on save, the new session will appear on the session list.