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    • Please welcome our newest hams and license upgrades

      Congratulations to all those who successfully sat for license exams at our last VE exam session on January 19. Your license grants were posted on the FCC Universal Licensing System today. Jack Frisch KO4WFL...

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      Posted by: AC4DH
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    • Propagation on HF Lately

      What HF bands have you noticed are "open" lately at various hours of the day? 30m had no one on FT8 early this AM and then began to "wake up" between 7 and 8 AM....

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      Posted by: de KB3FW
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    • electronic trouble shooting

      anybody good at troubleshooting undocumented boards. I have a charger for radio control batteries that i managed to smoke and unfortunately the manufacturer doesnt/wont supply schematics. i'm pretty sure i know one device that...

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      Posted by: bobkehoe54a
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