2021-01-19 Weekly SCHH Ham Club This and That

Items of Interest: 


ARTEMIS is a signals hunter software and a useful aid for radio listeners! The analysis of real-time spectra (from your SDR, for instance) is made simple: you can take advantage using one of the largest RF signal database (with over 400 records). Compare several signals properties (such as frequency, bandwidth, modulation, etc.) and verify what you are searching for through a waterfall/audio sample. A collection of filters allows you to narrow your search, making the identification of unknown signals, odd buzzes or weird noises way easier. It is available for the Mac, Windows, Linux and the Raspberry Pi. There is also a manual here.

ARRL Learning Network Webinars

Visit the ARRL Learning Network (a members-only benefit) to register, check on upcoming webinars, and to view previously recorded sessions. The schedule is subject to change, but there are some interesting weather related sessions scheduled.


Guide to Fuse Replacement


The next meeting will be February 1st at 7 PM via Zoom (online video). The guest speaker will be Bob Heil. There is another guest speaker lined up for March (and probably one for April as well).

The virtual meeting will start on February 1st at 6:45PM to work through any issues and rag chew to fill in the dead air.. The guest speaker will be first on the agenda.

Club Website:

The URL is https://www.ke4ham.org.  If you notice any errors or have site-related questions, email: webmaster at ke4ham dot org.  


Wednesday Nets (8 PM) operates from KK4ONF/Jasper repeater, 147.060+ and Echolink node: KE4HAM-R

Sunday NET (8 PM) operates on 147.550 MHz simplex and Echolink node: 

Other operating:

Daily  —   DX spotting and open chat 24/7 on 147.550 MHz simplex and the Jasper Repeater, 147.060+ (no Echolink).

AD5EN – SCHH Amateur Radio Club VP