2021-02-16 Weekly SCHH Ham Club This and That

Items of Interest: 

Anyone remember SuitSat

SuitSat makes an appearance in a new video short sci-fi thriller, called Decommissioned. The video short resurrects the 2006 spacesuit/satellite that transmitted messages on 2 meters as it circled Earth. The original SuitSat-1 project, repurposed a decommissioned Russian Orlan spacesuit to function as a free-floating amateur radio transmit-only satellite.

The official designation for SuitSat is AMSAT-OSCAR 54, though it was nicknamed “Ivan Ivanovich” or “Mr. Smith”. The radio transmitter used a frequency of 145.990 MHz.

On September 7, 2006, at 16:00 GMT, Suitsat re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere over the Southern Ocean at 110.4° East longitude and 46.3° South latitude. It was over a point some 1400 km south-southwest of Cape Leeuwin, Western Australia.

Savannah Area Swap Meet Hamfest:

Date: 04/24/2021
Location: Savannah Hilton Head Regional Airport Recreation Building
Crossroads Parkway
Savannah, GA 31401
Website: http://coastalamateurradiosociety.net/wpW4LHSblog/?page_id=1001


Нем, that а 
Happy President’s Day


The next meeting will be March 1st at 7 PM via Google meets (online video). The guest speaker will be Tim Duffy, K3LR — Chief Executive Officer of DX engineering who will provide background on the origins of DX Engineering. There is another guest speaker lined up for April but I’ll keep that as a surprise for later.

The virtual meeting will start on March 1st at 6:45PM to work through any issues and rag chew to fill in the dead air.. The guest speaker will be first on the agenda. The link for the meeting is:


Club Website:

The URL is https://www.ke4ham.org.  If you notice any errors or have site-related questions, email: webmaster at ke4ham dot org.  


Wednesday Nets (8 PM) operates from KK4ONF/Jasper repeater, 147.060+ and Echolink node: KE4HAM-R

Sunday NET (8 PM) operates on 147.550 MHz simplex and Echolink node: 

Other operating:

Daily  —   DX spotting and open chat 24/7 on 147.550 MHz simplex and the Jasper Repeater, 147.060+ (no Echolink).

AD5EN – SCHH Amateur Radio Club VP