Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness is a very complex subject.  Dan Mclaughlin/KN4DNY using his past and current Beaufort and Jasper county emergency involvement developed a Plan with supporting documents.  Below is his introduction and all the documents.

The following preparedness plan is a guide only. All persons should follow official agencies instructions and rules when applicable. This plan concerns only communication options as there are more extensive plans and information from official sources regarding emergency planning. While most of us plan for hurricanes remember that there are other events that can happen. Earthquakes, tornados to name a few can and do happen. These type events leave little or no time to evacuate.  

The documents are;

http://www.ke4ham.org/?p=966  (SCHH-ARC-Radio-Emergency-Preparedness)

http://www.ke4ham.org/?p=967 (SC-ARES-Tactical-plan-V4.5a) and

http://www.ke4ham.org/?p=968 (BTFD Tactical Frequency Table).