2020-12-23 Weekly SCHH Ham Club This and That

2020-12-23 Weekly SCHH Ham Club This and That

Items of Interest:  How to Listen to Real Spy Broadcasts Right Now

Encrypted messages, fancy technology, spies use them all to communicate, but sometimes the best way to hide is in plain sight. Right now, broadcasting across the airwaves around the world are automated, anonymous shortwave AM radio stations that most governments won’t acknowledge even exist, much less explain. Best of all, you can hear recordings from them right now, and if you have the right gear, tune in and listen for yourself. There are even databases of these number stations that may be on in the next hour using various modes.



The next meeting will be January 4th at 7PM via Google Meet (online video). The guest speaker will be Riley Hollingsworth who used to be the FCC liaison to Ham radio but is now part of the ARRL VolunteerMonitor program

We have another special guest scheduled for February. More details to follow… The February meeting will be on zoom on February 1st at 7PM

I will attempt to be there at about 6:45PM to work through any issues. The guest speaker will be first on the agenda.

Club Website:

We have migrated the club website to a new low-cost hosting provider and at the same time, took the opportunity to upgrade security and availability.

The new URL is https://www.ke4ham.org.  If you notice any errors or have site-related questions, email: webmaster at ke4ham dot org.  

Many thanks to Frank Olbrish, KM4CXY, and his son, for hosting and administrating the club site until now.


Wednesday Nets (8 PM) operates from KK4ONF/Jasper repeater, 147.060+ and Echolink node: KE4HAM-R

Sunday NET (8 PM) operates on 147.550 MHz simplex and Echolink node: KE4HAM – L

Other operating:

Daily  —   DX spotting and open chat 24/7 on 147.550 MHz simplex and the Jasper Repeater, 147.060+ (no Echolink).


SCHH Amateur Radio Club VP