September 5, 2023 Weekly This & That Newsletter

Membership Meeting This Thursday, September 7th

The Club will meet at the Lakehouse for an interesting and informative evening.

The meeting will begin at 6:45 PM with an “Elmer” presentation by Frank Pollino, K2OS. Frank will present “An Accessory To Extend The Life Of A NanoVNA”,

The evening’s program, a presentation on how to get an antenna installation approved here in Sun City Hilton Head will follow. Ken Finke, KN8F, will be providing the program beginning at approximately 7 PM.

The “business meeting” will follow the conclusion of Ken’s presentation. An agenda was sent to all members via email last week If you didn’t receive it, please contact Harve (

Hope to see a great group of hams on Thursday night!

The History of SSB

This is a nice presentation on the history of single sideband. Fear not, it is not overly technical. Enjoy!


Not likely that you’ll see too many, if any, of these when you’re driving in the hinterlands.

Future Club Activities and Events

South Carolina Parks on the Air Weekend

Our SC Section Manager and our SC ARRL leadership team are aiming to get all SC POTA parks on the air during the weekend of September 16-17.

Our SCHH ARC club president has expressed that there is a big-time need for coordination of these efforts so that hams in SC can maximize the number of parks that are activated that weekend. The last thing a ham needs is to invest time go to a park and find three other stations already operating there or intending to do so…only to realize that three other nearby parks had NO ONE there.

John, NJ4Z, and his team are working to get things organized. We’re awaiting coordination details.

Our resident POTA expert Jack Frisch (K2ITZ) has some good ideas on where we might be able to deploy our operation without running into other ham radio adventurers.

We hope to have more information to share in the next week or two.

Chartered Club Fair

Saturday, October 7th from 10 AM until 1 PM at or near Pinckney Hall. Our Club normally sets up in the outdoor, covered area of Pinckney on the Courtyard side near the main rear door to the building. Pending Board approval later this week, we’ll work to reserve that spot and discuss some plans for operating KE4HAM. Volunteers to represent are needed to represent the Club at our table. More details to follow!

ARRL EME Contest

From the Earth to the Moon and Back! Frank Pollino, K2OS, is leading this effort for the Club. More details the contest can be found here. Current plans are to operate from Lake Somerset on the afternoon of Saturday, November 25th. More details will follow when we get into late October/early November. So please stay tuned!

Next Membership Meetings

The Club’s next Membership Meeting will be on Thursday, September 7th, at the Lakehouse. Details about this meeting are included above. Hope to see you there!

The October meeting will be held on October 5th. Planned program is about a 160-meter antenna design and build by Rick Garan, WA8NLX. We will NOT be at the Lakehouse. The October meeting will be at Hidden Cypress. More details to follow in the coming weeks.

Club Website

Click here to get to the Club’s website:  If you notice any errors or have site-related questions, email:


Sunday NET (8 PM) operates on 147.550 MHz simplex and EchoLink node: KE4HAM – L

Wednesday Nets (8 PM) operates from KK4ONF/Jasper repeater, 147.060+ and EchoLink node: KE4HAM-R

Thanks to our regular Net Controls: Bob Officer, WA6WAY; Russ Treadwell, N1ZK; and Harve Hnatiuk, KB3FW.

Thanks to Ron Frick, AI4HH, for keeping the nets on EchoLink.

Net Control Schedule:

— Wednesday, September 6, 8 PM EDT: Harve Hnatiuk, KB3FW

— Sunday, September 10, 8 PM EDT: Bob Officer, WA6WAY

If you are interested in being a Net Control, please let Ron or Harve know.

SCHH ARC Net Reports:

Last week’s check-ins and traffic:

— Wednesday, August 30: KE4HAM/N1ZK (Net Control), AI4HH, K2ITZ, KQ4JKI, KQ4KOO, WA2LWO, W1ZZ, AA4KK, KB3FW. QNI=8, QTC=0.

— Sunday, September 3: KE4HAM/WA6WAY (Net Control), AI4HH, K2ITZ, KB3FW, KQ4JKI, K2OS, KQ4KOO WA2LWO. QNI=8, QTC=0.

Note – QNI = Number of Check-ins to the net, including Net Control; QTC = Traffic handled (Radiograms).

Please check into our nets when you can. The nets are informative and interesting and foster club camaraderie.

Other Operating:

Daily —  DX spotting and open chat 24/7 on 147.550 MHz simplex and the Jasper Repeater, 147.060+ (no Echolink).

KB3FW – SCHH ARC President